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Northampton General Hospital Simulation Suite

Northampton General Hispital Simulation Suite is used for training, however is also open to be used by a film crewe. It has already been used for BBC News Interviews and documentaries. The suite is ideal for replicating a hospital scene. It is generally very quiet and can be used any time in the week which consequently makes it easier to film. They have a lot of equipment that would typically be used in a hospital. However, it is a small space and so can be restrictive. There are also reflective surfaces and a one way mirror from the control room.

There are also possibilities of filming in other parts of the hospital, such as corridors, at weekends. Contact Northampton General Hospital if this is something you would consider doing.

Contact information:

Address: Northampton General Hospital, Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BD

Email: eva.duffy@ngh.nhs.uk

Number: 01604 523894