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Screen Northants Academy works in conjunction with curriculum delivery in three distinct ways:

  • through the offer of Work Experience
  • through delivery of Project-Based Learning
  • as a Client

Work Experience

There is a government expectation for schools and colleges to ensure all students participate in a work experience. Unlike most other sectors, the Creative Industries has a high (85%) level of self-employment nationwide. This creates a significant difficulty in providing relevant professional development for students, who usually end up gaining experience in an unrelated industry. There isn’t the national infrastructure in Media to offer young people a worthwhile work experience and the few larger organisations that do only offer a few, highly competitive work placements.

Screen Northants can engage large numbers of young people in professional level production roles by using industry production models. In the industry a small number of practitioners come together to develop an idea, raise finance and produce product. During the production phase a company can employ in excess of 200 freelancers who then, at the end of the shoot, move on to new projects.

It is difficult to include young work experience students into this migrant work force but Screen Northants creates its own feature film productions and is therefore always available for young people to experience professional practice. Students can gain work experience within our production offices, feature film productions and educational workshops.

Project-Based Learning

Screen Northants encourages application of skills and development of new skills through project-based work. These skills include those in Business, Performing Arts, Arts, Media, Catering and Construction courses, and work done on a Screen Northants production can be easily graded and tied in to existing or new curriculum models. Screen Northants offers project-based learning for students at Level 2 (GCSE) through to Level 5 (Post Graduate). Screen Northants core project is the feature film production delivered in the summer holiday break. Screen Northants also offer specific short film projects and one-day workshops for schools and colleges to help in the delivery of curriculum.

As a Client

Many areas of modern curriculum delivery require external liaison with industry to provide a professional context for educational delivery.

A common course unit is entitled ‘Professional Brief’ and requires the students to create work for an actual live brief related to their course specialism. Screen Northants can offer briefs for both pre- and post-production, including concept design, storyboarding, production and costume design, distribution models and marketing and much more.

An example of a live brief would be the creation of an Electronic Press Kit for marketing, including the editing together of scenes, trailers, and the creation of branding and posters for our feature films.