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Shakespeare's Macbeth, adapted and directed by Daryl Chase, is set in a dystopian estate on the fringes of society, under the rule of Duncan where Macbeth has lived through countless feuds, protecting his own ‘castle’ against attack for as long as he would like to remember. During his return journey from one such battle, a malevolent force entices him with the promise of a future as ‘king’, replacing Duncan. Escaping his current life would be the first choice but this opportunity is one he cannot ignore, offering the chance to prove his worth to the love of his life, Lady Macbeth.

Nene, directed by Paul Mills, is about a boy who runs away to find his dad. Rory lives in a residential care home where he’s been for a few months as his dad is unwell and unable to care for him full time. Rory appears to be happy, stays with his dad at weekends and knows he will move home when his dad is better. One weekend, his dad does not arrive to pick him up. No one can get hold of him. He is desperate and runs away to search for his lost dad. Knowing his dad lives in Northampton, he decides to follow the River Nene.

Written and directed by Brenda Lee, Fortune Cookies is a cross-cultural comedy similar to Bend It Like Beckham with the working class feel-good humour of The Full Monty, the dysfunctional family of Little Miss Sunshine, and the game show love story of Slumdog Millionaire for good measure