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Currently Screen Northants Community is running free workshops with Northampton residents and disadvantaged young people to create a Film Location Database website. We visit locations in Northants, photograph the venue then document the features that make it appealing to film companies. We also run workshops to produce videos promoting Northampton to the film industry, which have so far taken the form of drama shorts, adverts and documentaries.

If you want to get involved please get in touch. We also do bespoke workshops and projects with schools, youth groups and charities.

"Screen Northants can give young people choices in their life. They will have a variety. It can also bring fun."

"It can inspire them to take on bigger stuff in life".

"...at school itís a tiny bit boring but at Screen Northants youíre enjoying yourself but learning at the same time".

"It made me realise that I can be what I want if I try".

"Screen Northants can move young people to their next step in life which is to look/search/think what they want to be when they grow up".

"I will put my hand up more often now in class".

"It's built up my confidence speaking to a group".