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Creates educational pathways, breaks down socio-economic and geographical barriers to the Film Industry, provides industry standard training and offers unprecedented access to professional work experience for young people 14-25yrs

Enrichment and Extra-curriculum

Our film production model is designed to work synergistically with the academic year and with Screen Northants Films, which will schedule its feature film shoots in the summer break.

Screen Northants Academy provides young people 14-25yrs with an enriching and potentially life-changing industry experience. The Screen Northants feature film production model enables students to work in a real life, professional filmmaking environment getting hands-on experience. There is, an often complained about, gap between education and employment. Students who engage with Screen Northants are treated as professionals and asked to work to the best of their abilities. This ensures the maximum development of students’ skills, creates an environment where mistakes are regarded as a positive learning opportunity and the gap between education and employment is bridged.


Screen Northants Academy is about much more than film training and work experience. A strong sense of community is encouraged. Mentors and young people aged 14 -25yrs cooperate together with professional crew and cast to create the very best quality feature film product. They spend up to six weeks working very closely together, engaged in a project with very tight deadlines. This one universal goal and the strong value culture of equal opportunities leads to a significant change in some youngsters who ‘grow up’ significantly during the project when trusted with responsibility and expected to treat one another with respect.

We also encourage professionals to develop their own careers through stepping up a production grade.