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Abigail Williams



September 2016 - present, Steam Work Film, ProducerNorthampton, UK
·       Liaising with the director
·       Head of casting
·       Managing budget
·       Scheduling
·       Location scout
·       Health and safety
·       Risk assessor
·       Communication and updating cast and crew
·       Working to a time schedule
June 2016 - Present  
Collabfeature, Assistant director (Contract)              Northampton, UK
■          Organising a crew of 4 and a cast of 12
■          Scouting suitable locations while looking at all risk factors and health and safety elements
■          Planning filming scenes by location
■          Working within a time limit
■          Communicating and updating cast crew and the commissioning board in Detroit
■          Coaching actors
Sep 2015 – March 2015               Theatre of the Imagination,   Director/Coach                  Northampton, UK
■          Successfully coached four actors from difficult backgrounds into a forty-five minute play
■          Co wrote the production of Memoirs of an imaginary friend By Matthew Green
■          Designed the concept for the staging and lighting design.
■          Designed costumes suitable for the actors and characters of the play
■          Organised rehearsal space and schedule
■          Liaised with the backstage crew on the project
■          Ensured the time schedule was adhered to.
■          Directed and choreographed the physical theatre pieces.
After carefully selecting a novel that had never been adapted into a theatre show I was placed with a group of actors that suffer with high levels of anxiety and depression. Carefully selecting roles to both challenge and push the boundaries of each individual I was working with.  
January 2015– May 2015                   Out of the Blue, Stage manager                    Northampton, UK
■          Providing key support to the Administration team
■          Co-Leader of the rehearsals
■          Coach and Mentor to eight actors.
■          Risk assessment of all rehearsal spaces, venues, set, props and costume
■          Collected and organised all sensitive data.
■          Leaised with the director
■          Organised get in’s and out’s
My performance in the role of stage manager ensured that a touring production of Lear’s Daughters was delivered on time and with safety and efficiency in mind.

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Abigail Williams